Frequently Asked Questions


Can you work both remotely and in office?

Yes! The beauty of bookkeeping is most of the work (if not all) can be done remotely. However, weekly and monthly (or as needed) office visit are available based on the needs of the client.


Is Quickbooks my only option?

We recommend Quickbooks but can work with small business and tailor the bookkeeping services with 3rd party POS and operating systems.

Excel downloads for start up businesses.

Do you replace my CPA?

No.  We perform bookkeeping services only and take guidance from your current CPA. Since we do not perform tax or attest services, your CPA does not need to be concerned that we are here to replace them.


Hourly Rates

Best package for start up businesses and personal bookkeeping clients.

Monthly Package

Advised for businesses with multiple monthly transactions.

Per Project

Project pricing is ideal for individual bookkeeping assignments (5-10 hours a month until the project is complete).